Next up in our holiday gift guide series we’ve hand picked ten super hype items to really stuff their stockings this year. From Supreme Louis Vuitton to a dope rolling tray, to the most expensive pair of socks you’ll likely ever own, there’s something here for every hype kid on your list this holiday.

Read on… do it for the culture.

Jason Markk Moso Bamboo Charcoal Shoe Inserts, $12

A recent release from the brand sneakerheads trust, keep your sneakers fresh and bacteria free with these Jason Markk Moso Bamboo Charcoal Inserts. Simply toss them into your shoes when you aren’t wearing them, and any smells, pollutants, or allergens will be neutralized within a few days. All you have to do is place them in direct sunlight every month to recharge them for up to twelve times.

Supreme MTA MetroCard, $35 

Possibly one of the most unexpected yet practical Supreme items to drop over the past year. A great gift for that person on your list that wanted one but couldn’t get it at the time (or didn’t want to pay the initial resale price of $75 bucks instead of the $5.50 it actually cost). Get one now for $35 at Stadium Goods. Bonus, it comes loaded with two MTA rides so it’s just as practical as it is dope.

Off-White Ribbed Socks, $149

Possibly the most expensive tube socks you’ll ever purchase. But that’s the point right?! What’s a stocking without a pair of socks balled up in it… plus those who know, will know you spent a lot of cash money on your socks.


Mister Green Brass Rolling Tray, $90 

Add that extra weight to your stocking this holiday. Everyone loves a great rolling tray, especially one as cool as this from LA based lifestyle brand Mister Green. Measuring in at 7.5″ x 3.5″ in polished brass the tray features their super dope yet demure logoing. Get yours at the Mister Green Life Store Pop Up in Toronto at Tokyo Smoke on College now.

Bape Shark Face Mask, $54

All the rage in the winter to prevent spreading sickness (yes, that’s actually why people wear face masks..) or just to freak people out with your dopeness. Find this Bape Shark Face Mask resale on Grailed.

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