Hold up, wait a minute; it’s holiday gift season again! 2023 just blew by. It feels like yesterday when we discussed the perfect gifts for that special gentleman in your life. How did it go? Did he love them? Was the gift his absolute favourite? Probably because you have good taste and know how to pick them. So let’s jump right into another round of you being the best gift giver he’s ever known with this year’s 10 Fantastic Gifts for Him.

HUMANRACE Three-Minute Facial Skincare Routine Pack – $140 CAD

It seems like Pharrell can do no wrong. Since releasing his HUMANRACE skincare line, the secret is how Skateboard P has remained ageless. The Three-Minute Facial Skincare Routine Pack was created from Pharrell’s 20 years of skincare experience. Made with simple steps, effective ingredients, and, MOST importantly, clean formulations, the Rice Powder Cleanser, Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator and Humidifying Cream are engineered to deliver optimal exfoliation and hydration to support lasting skin health. They are vegan and fragrance-free with a sustainable refill system. It’s so perfect. Plus, everyone wants to feel their best.


KOTN Men’s Essential Crew – $38 CAD

One of the quintessential year-round wardrobe staples for any man should be a clean white tee. That white tee should also be ethically sourced pure cotton, and this is where KOTN’s Essential Crew t-shirt comes into play. The slim-fitting crew neck is crafted from soft, durable midweight 100% cotton jersey milled and dyed in Egypt. This t-shirt has been listed as one of the best t-shirts on the market by GQ and The Wall Street Journal, so clearly, this shirt has it going on!


Apple iPhone 15 Pro – $1499+ CAD

While I usually wouldn’t put a smartphone on a gift guide because they tend to skew more toward life necessity than a lovely gift, the new iPhone 15 Pro blurs the line well. The new iPhone enters the realm of good gifts for the first time in a couple of years. It has mostly to do with two things. The first is the 48MP Main camera, which effectively replaces the need for any other form of camera (unless you’re using one professionally) with the ability to zoom in on something from a seemingly lightyear away, and the second thing is the A17 Pro chip which makes everything run fast and smooth. So your TikTok will never lag.


ACNE Studios Wool Mohair Beanie – $250 CAD

One of the constant great gifts every year is a warm, albeit stylishly cool, beanie. This ACNE Studios beanie is that gift. Crafted from a wool and mohair blend brushed to give it a fluffy look while the shape of the hat is cut to a tight fit and regular length. While you might think it’s giving Grinch, you are not wrong, but the correct answer is “Bottega Green.”


FELLOW Opus Grinder – $274 CAD

While the most essential thing to a good cup of coffee is the beans (check out Carry-On Coffee Club for some of the best in Canada), of course, then the water and how you boil it, but equal to all this is the grind. Fellow, who make the perfect pour-over kettle we’ve used for years, has created an all-purpose high-torque grinder designed to unlock your coffee’s potential across the full range of brewing styles. From espresso to the coarsest cold brew, the 41+ precision settings and 6-blade burr offers outstanding grind consistency. Finally, it has a spouted catch for mess-free transitions and anti-static technology to minimize the sticky flakes that fall immediately all over the counter. It is bigger than your average coffee grinder and definitely more expensive, but it is well with it.


Garrett Leight ‘BYRNE SUN Custom’ Sunglasses $520 CAD

Garrett Leight eyewear embodies that California cool style that makes you feel like you’re driving a convertible down the Pacific Coast Highway.  Nothing gives that energy more than the Byrne Sun Custom sunglasses, a perfect union of the brand’s two best-selling sunglass frames — the Ace and Brooks X — but with a more retro feel. The square silhouette features a thick acetate temple keyhole bridge for lightweight comfort and is finished with our signature GLCO Calabar plaque. The Bio Matte Black / Blue Smoke Glass colour is absolutely perfection.


Fendi Force Lace-ups – $1290 CAD

Every man should have a pair of shoes that turn heads. It’s a power move, a subtle flex that establishes who you are at first glance.  The Fendi Force lace-ups are made of black leather and are embellished with FF Eclissi jacquard fabric inserts, which are hand-shaded at the edges. The soles are a light rubber with embossed FF detailing throughout and are, of course, made in Italy.


Longines – Conquest Quartz 43 mm Stainless Steel – $1300 CAD

Everyone should own a nice watch. It signifies taste, class, and a basic understanding of how to read a clock. While a watch may not be everyone’s day-to-day style, having one ready is essential for the abovementioned reasons. We recommend the Longines Conquest Quartz 43mm Stainless Steel watch for this. It sits at an excellent entry-level price for watch beginners while offering big watch-guy energy.  The watch offers a subtle fusion of performance and elegance while including the most demanding technical features. But most importantly, it looks chic.


Druthers NYC Confetti Tie Dye Yarn Socks – $42 CAD

While it may seem like a weird gift, a pair of socks, let me assure you that it is the most appreciated gift a man can get. It’s that super essential wardrobe accessory you wear every day but strangely don’t often think to buy for yourself. So when someone gives you a beautiful pair of comfortable ‘high design and low waste,’ quality craftsmanship made in Japan socks, they are super grateful. These make a great stocking stuffer (pun intended).


AESOP Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet – $113.00 CAD

Want to know the secret to a smooth, beautifully shaved face? Yup, it’s the AESOP Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet. This combo pack comes with a shaving serum formulated for maximum slip for a razor-close shave while calming and softening the skin and a post-shave lotion that lightly hydrates and balances the skin while pacifying post-shave irritation and aggravation. Plus, like all things, AESOP makes it smells beyond delicious!