James Blake’s label 1-800 DINOSAUR is putting out their first collaborative album titled 1-800 DINOSAUR Presents Trim, due on July 29. Featuring bars from grime MC Trim, the album is loaded with production credits from the likes of Airhead, Klaus, Happa, Boothroyd, Bullion, Dan Foat, and the man James Blake himself. Are you ready for experimental grime? With this roster of producers, it sounds like this collective is going to shape up grime onto a new level.

To get a taste of this album, have a listen to the James Blake produced track “RPG” above.
Check out the tracklist with production credits below.


01. ‘Stretch’ (Airhead)
02. ‘Before I Lied’ (Happa)
03. ‘Man Like Me’ (Airhead)
04. ‘Waco’ (Airhead)
05. ‘Among The Living’ (Bullion)
06. ‘RPG’ (James Blake)
07. ‘White Room’ (Boothroyd)
08. ’13th Apostle’ (Dan Foat)
09. ‘Seeker’ (Klaus)
10. ‘No Manners’ (Boothroyd)