Phoenix at The Grove Music Festival 2013

Phoenix at The Grove Music Festival 2013

Phoenix Grove Music Festival 2013

Closing out The Grove music festival, with a bang, was Versailles own Phoenix.

Not knowing what to expect from the poppy, commercial-friendly group, I was blown away by the energy and force they brought to the stage. Two drum sets backed an incredibly sharp band that gave it all for every song. Vocalist Thomas Mars sounded as good, or even better, than he does recorded, and made a few trips out to the crowd to show his appreciation.

What was even more surprising from the band was their experimental genre mixing within their songs. They were able to go from electronic, to pop, to hard rock within one verse… not easy to pull off, but they did, and in a fun way. However, they didn’t mess too much with hits like “1901” and “Listzomania”.

Check out the pics below.

Rebecca Wilson
Rebecca Wilson
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