Pharrell’s New Year Message

Pharrell’s New Year Message

“On to the next one!” Happy New Years! It’s officially been 2010, a whole new decade for the last couple of days now and thought what better way to continue the joy of new beginnings then with a New Year message from Mr. Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D. himself. Pharrell Takes a minute out of his game of Mario Kart to wish everybody a Happy New Year’s, letting us all know that “it’s 2010 man, everything’s about to change, that’s what it’s all about this years. Meaning, we hope, that there will be a number of new projects from N.E.R.D. and the Neptunes front man from all of his various projects. Aw, how sweet.

via BBC/Ice Cream Blog
Tristan Banning
Tristan Banning
Founder and creative genius behind Sidewalk Hustle. Moody, cranky, coffee-loving music junky who loves fresh sneakers and bow ties.
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