Michael Kors Timepieces

Michael Kors Timepieces

via Michael Kors

Utilitarian as watches are, they sometimes tend to be too much of one thing, whether it be blinged out with jewels, deeming it rather impractical, or just too darn plain to compliment your post work ensemble.

These Michael Kors watch-bracelets are the answer! They’re first and foremost more than aesthetically pleasing without being off the charts expensive. Ranging from $195-$250 US they are available in a wide and well designed range to satisfy the trend-a-holic, the fun-loving, and the classic girl!

Take a look at Sidewalk Hustle’s pick below!


Hawley Dunbar
Hawley Dunbar
One of Sidewalk Hustle's founding members. A fashion adorer, hardcore vintage hunter, who can't get enough of that new indie band that's so-hot-right-now. She also fancies herself a well-crafted cocktail once in a while.
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