Dum Dum Girls EP: He Gets Me High

Dum Dum Girls EP: He Gets Me High


As this year comes to a close, next year is shaping up to have some pretty amazing new tunes including a new Dum Dum Girls EP following this years bomb debut I Will Be which turned more than a few heads, including ours.

Entitled He Gets Me High, the EP features a Smiths cover as well as four new tracks yet again produced by lead vocalist Dee Dee and the incredible Richard Gottenhrer and is set to drop on March 1st via Sub Pop.


Along with the news of the EP comes more tour dates including a stop over in Toronto in February and many with much buzzed husband and wife duo Tennis. Check out the latest track “Pay For Me” and check out the track-listing below as we await the EP drop date.

He Gets Me High EP:

1. Wrong Feels Right
2. He Gets Me High
3. Take Care of My Baby
4. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Smiths cover)

Hawley Dunbar
Hawley Dunbar
One of Sidewalk Hustle's founding members. A fashion adorer, hardcore vintage hunter, who can't get enough of that new indie band that's so-hot-right-now. She also fancies herself a well-crafted cocktail once in a while.
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